About MARE

MARE is a unique project in Italy.

A technological hub for research and innovation on people's health, designed to attract to Venice talents and business opportunities.

Together we will discover new medical innovation to heal people around the world.


Digital technologies are crucial enablers for bridging the gap between healthcare demand and capacity of health services to meet demand.

With the MARE project we will be able to treat more and more people at a distance, bringing health where it is more needed.


MARE wants to be an opportunity for all people:

  • Venetians, who will benefit from an innovation hub that is unique in the world.
  • Talents, who will be able to participate in this great project.
  • And all the people around the world, who will benefit from the remote care solutions developed in the hub.


We want to give a new purpose to the "Ospedale al Mare" area, bringing continuity to the identity of the project, treating people, and projecting it towards the future.

In full respect of the historical value of the area and creating synergies with local operating institutions.


Innovation is an integral part of the DNA and history of the city of Venice.

MARE wants to make its contribution to this great tradition that made Venice a beacon of hope for the future of the whole world.

“Nobody should
suffer or die because
at some point
medical information
was missing.”

Frank Gotthardt
Founder majority shareholder and Chairman of CGM